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    Use the world map to discover the connections between countries and the University through its students and staff

  • People

    Hugh B. Cott

    The University of Glasgow's International Story currently features 15599 people with connections to the University and to one or more countries, for example Hugh Bamford Cott, British zoologist, authority on natural and military camouflage, and talented scientific illustrator and photographer

  • Countries


    The University has connections to many countries across the globe. So far we have connected 12 people with Portugal.

  • Commonwealth Connections

    Commonwealth Flag

    The city of Glasgow is hosting the Commonwealth Games in 2014. Browse our connections with the Commonwealth Nations

  • About International Story

    If you'd like to know more about International Story, you can get some background on the project and the team and you can read the project blog which is regularly updated by project staff and contributors.

    Many of the stories of our International students and staff remain untold or are incomplete. If you have relevant information on the University's international connections, please contact us.

    Latest blog post: Bruno Touschek, a pioneering physicist

    Bruno Touschek, born in Vienna in 1921, was a Glasgow graduate and lecturer in Natural Philosophy from 1949 to 1952 who invented the storage ring for high-energy elementary particles. Forced to leave the University of Vienna in 1940, he continued … Continue reading