Akan goldweight (abrammuo) Ghana

Akan goldweight
Akan goldweight

Custodian: University of Glasgow Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery

Reference: GLAHM E.1931.7/42

Goldweights were the measuring system used by the Akan people of West Africa, including the Ashanti or Asante, often to weigh gold dust which was used historically as currency. The weights are usually made of brass and their weight is based on the Islamic ounce. The weights often took the form of Adinkra symbols, such as this comb and 'moon and star' design, or of stylised humans, animals or other items from everyday life. Locally the goldweights are known as Abrammuo or mrammou.

The Hunterian Museum has a collection of over 300 goldweights.

Maker: not known

Materials: brass

Dimensions: 16mm square x 6mm