Colour plate of Hibiscus angulosus Sri Lanka

Colour plate of Hibiscus angulosus
Colour plate of Hibiscus angulosus

Custodian: University of Glasgow Library Special Collections

Reference: Spec Coll RQ 472

Hibiscus angulosus is now known as Abelmoschus angulosus. It grows in wet, temperate areas at an elevation of 750–2000m. Abelmochus is a genus of fifteen flowering plants in the Malvaceae family and can be found in tropical regions in Africa, Asia and Australia. It was previously included within Hibiscus, but is now classified as distinct from it.

Joseph Dalton Hooker; Henry Trimmen, A Handbook to the Flora of Ceylon, vol. 6, London: 1893–1900, plate XVII (University of Glasgow Library Special Collections, RQ 472)