Map of Borneo (1710s) Brunei Darussalam Indonesia Malaysia

Map of Borneo (1710s)
Map of Borneo (1710s)

Custodian: University of Glasgow Library Special Collections

Reference: Sp Coll Bl1-i.1

This 1710s map of Borneo follows the title page and two dedications in Daniel Beeckman, A Voyage to and from the Island of Borneo, in the East-Indies..., London, 1718.

Although not named explicitly on this map, the location of Brunei corresponds approximately to 'Borneo' on the north-west coast of this interpretation of the island.

Daniel Beeckman was captain of an English merchant ship which traded with the British East India Company. The book is a record of his observations and experiences in 1713–14. In the book he also describes the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, St Helena, Ascension Island, the Cape of Good Hope and southern African indigenous people, and in present-day Indonesia, Java, Madura and the straights of Bali.

Beeckman's account of Borneo includes apparently the first European reference to and illustration of the Orangutan (Edward Godfrey Cox, A Reference Guide to the Literature of Travel..., Seattle: University of Washington, 1935–49, vol. 1, p. 286, quoted in book description, [accessed 18 October 2013]).