Quay at Smyrna (Izmir) Turkey

Quay at Izmir
Quay at Izmir

Custodian: University of Glasgow Library Special Collections

Reference: Dougan Add. 13, item 46

The photograph is signed bottom right by Istanbul photographers S├ębah & Joaillier; its print number and original title is given bottom left: No. 14, Vue du Quai, prise du Nord, Smyrne.

Dougan Add. 13 comprises a large album containing 219 souvenir photographs, prints and papers of cruises on S. S. Cuzco in 1904 and S. Y. Argonaut in 1906. The majority of the photographs show locations in Turkey, Greece and Sicily; there are also several photographs of European princesses. The photographs date from between 1889 and 1906.