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Sir John Eldon Gorst
Sir John Eldon Gorst

Sir John Eldon Gorse (1835-1916) was Rector of the University, 1893 to 1896.

Born in Preston, Gorse studied at St John's College, Cambridge. He went to New Zealand as a missionary but became a colonial government administrator. He returned to England to practice law and was elected a Conservative MP, trusted by Benjamin Disraeli with reorganising the party machinery. He held a number of government offices and was an energetic campaigner for social reform, especially in fields relating to housing and health.

Gorst's unsuccessful opponent in the 1893 rectorial contest was Herbert Henry Asquith, a future Prime Minister who was elected Rector in 1905.


Sir John Eldon Gorst
Lawyer and Politician

Born 24 May 1835, Preston, England.
Died 4 April 1916.
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Occupation categories: colonial administrators; politicians
NNAF Reference: GB/NNAF/P150082
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