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Patrick Wilson (1743-1811) was Regius Professor of Practical Astronomy, 1784 to 1799. He was Clerk of Senate from 1783 until 1795 and 1796 to 1799, and was awarded an honorary LLD in 1800.

Patrick was the second son of Alexander Wilson, the first Regius Professor of Practical Astronomy at the University. In 1782 he was employed as an assistant to his father, to take care of instruments, make observations, and help with teaching.

In 1783, Wilson was elected Clerk to the Senate. He was re-elected each year until 1799 with the exception of 1795, when the Senate minutes record that Patrick Cumin was elected in his absence. He was appointed Regius Professor after his father resigned in 1784, with the support of the Faculty and despite the opposition of the Crown. He bequeathed instruments to the University as well as £1,000, the interest on which was to be used to purchase more instruments for his successors in the Chair.


Patrick Wilson

Born 16 January 1743.
Died 31 December 1811.
University Link: Benefactor, Clerk of Senate, Honorary Graduate, Professor
Occupation categories: astronomers
NNAF Reference: GB/NNAF/P138477
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