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Guilherme Henrique Fox, Matriculation 1880-81
Guilherme Henrique Fox, Matriculation 1880-81

Guilherme Henrique Fox was born in Pará, Brazil, the son of Guilherme, a shipbuilder and engineer. He enrolled in the Faculty of Science in 1880, aged 17, the year before his brother, Walter. He attended classes in Mathematics for Engineering, Chemistry, Engineering, Natural Philosophy, and Geology. He was awarded a second class certificate in session 1881-82 for Chemistry, under Professor J. Ferguson.

Guilherme became an Associated Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers in 1890. One of his posts was with the Government Engineering Office of Selangor, and he provided a paper to the Institution of Civil Engineers on the Selangor Government Railway in 1900.


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  • R8/5/2/3 Matriculation Slips 1881-82, Men D-F
  • SEN10/24 University Calendar 1882-83


Guilherme Henrique Fox
Born 1863, Pará, Brazil.
GU Degree: Science and Engineering, 1880-84, 1885-86;
University Link: Student
Occupation categories: engineers, civil
English snippet: Brazilian-born Civil Engineer
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