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José Manuel Pirovano, Matriculation Slip 1910-11
José Manuel Pirovano, Matriculation Slip 1910-11

José Manuel Pirovano Naón was born in Buenos Aires, son of Juan an engineer and brother of Argentine Architect Estanislao Pirovano Naón. He enrolled at the University in 1907 together with his friend Virgilio Piñero for five years, attending classes in Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Physics Laboratory, and Naval Architecture.


Archival Materials

  • R8/5/28/6 Matricualtion Slips 1907-1908, Men M - Q
  • R8/5/29/6 Matriculation Slips 1908-1909, Men M - Q
  • R8/5/30/6 Matriculation Slips 1909-1910, Men M - Q
  • R8/5/31/6 Matriculation Slips 1910-1911, Men M - Q


José Manuel Pirovano
Born 1888.
GU Degree: Science and Engineering , 1907-1911;
University Link: Student
Record last updated: 13th Aug 2012

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