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Miyoshi Shinrokuro was a student of Naval Architecture at the University from 1882 to 1884.

A graduate of Mechanical Engineering from the Imperial College of Engineering (1879), Miyoshi was sent to the University of Glasgow by the Ministry of Education to study Naval Architecture. During his studies, Miyoshi was awarded prizes for his Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering classes, with the award for Naval Architecture being awarded by Robert Duncan, a renowned shipbuilder. Miyoshi also gained practical experience as an apprentice at the Robert Napier Shipyard.

Upon his return to Japan, Miyoshi was appointed Associate Professor and in 1887, Professor of Naval Architecture at the Imperial College of Engineering. The University of Tokyo now marks their first Professor of Naval Architecture with a bust of Miyoshi located in the Hongo campus. Miyoshi obtained his PhD in 1890, and founded the Tsukiji Technical school in 1897.


Shinrokuro Miyoshi
Born 9 September 1856.
Died 28 January 1910.
GU Degree: Science and Engineering, 1882-84;
University Link: Student
Occupation categories: naval architects
English snippet: First Professor of Naval Architecture at University of Tokyo
Record last updated: 8th Feb 2013

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