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Biography of Naomoto Takayama

Naomoto Takayama studied Physics and Engineering for one year at the University in 1880.

Naomoto was born in Tokyo, and became the adopted child Itesho Takayama, a government officer. Naomoto graduated from the Imperial College of Engineering in 1879 with a first class diploma, before being sent to the University of Glasgow by the Ministry of Education in 1880. During his time at the University, Naomoto was awarded a number of prizes, such as the Walker Prize for written examinations; the George Harvey Prize; an award for his Engineering class; and was voted by the Natural Philosophy class for 'general eminence'.

Upon his return to Japan, Naomoto was appointed Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Imperial College of Engineering. He accepted the post of Professor of Mechanical Engineering in 1886, but passed away the same year.


Archival Materials

  • R8/5/1/8 Matriculation Slip 1880-81 Men S-T
  • R9/1/6 Class Catalogue 1880-85
  • Sen10/23 University Prize Calendar 1881-82


Naomoto Takayama
Born 1855.
GU Degree: Science and Engineering, 1880-81;
University Link: Student
English snippet: Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Imperial College of Engineering
Record last updated: 26th Jun 2013

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