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Sampachi Fukuzawa graduated BSc from the University in 1904.

Fukuzawa was born 14 July, 1881 in the Mita area of Tokyo, Japan. His father, Yukichi Fukuzawa, was an author and educator, who is said to have been one of the most influential people of the Meiji Restoration. Yukichi founded the Keiō Gijuku which later developed into the Keiō University in Tokyo. It was the first great university in Japan independent of the government.

Fukuzawa enrolled at the University in 1900 to study Mathematics. He also attended classes in Natural Philosophy, Chemistry and Astronomy. After graduating, Sampachi returned to Tokyo where he became a teacher in Shibaku. In 1906, Sampachi was appointed Professor of Mathematics at the Keiō University.


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Sampachi Fukuzawa
Born 14 July 1881.
GU Degree: BSc, 1904; Science and Engineering,
University Link: Alumnus, Graduate
English snippet: Science graduate of the University of Glasgow, Professor of Mathematics at Keiō University
Record last updated: 26th Jun 2013

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