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Tatsu Okubo (on left) and Bunji Mano
Tatsu Okubo (on left) and Bunji Mano

Bunji Mano attended the University of Glasgow in 1886-87 to study Science and Engineering. He was born to the vassal family of Shogun. He learned English and Chemistry at the Tsukiji Daigakko, and entered Kobu Daigakko (the Imperial College of Engineering), the predecessor of Faculty of Technology at the University of Tokyo. After his graduation, he was appointed associate professor of the College at the age of 22.

Mano enrolled at the University of Glasgow in 1886-87, taking classes in Mathematics, Physics and Engineering. He obtained a First Class Certificate in Physics, a Second Class Certificate in Engineering and Mechanics, a Third Class Certificate in Engineering, as well as the George Harvey Prize. Mano was recommended for membership of British Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Mano worked at W.G. Armstrong & Company in Newcastle before returning to Japan in 1889, where he was appointed Professor of the Faculty of Technology at the Imperial University, and was also responsible as Examiner of the Patent Office. In 1901, the Japanese Government appointed Mano to Director of School Affairs at the Ministry of Education. From 1913 to 1926, he was appointed President of Kyushu Imperial University. In 1927, Mano was elected to serve as a member of the Japanese House of Lords, and also served as Privy Councillor in 1939.

In 2007, his lecture notes at the Tokyo Imperial University were designated as a Japanese Mechanical Engineering Heritage.


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  • Shoji Katoh(2009) ’Aspects of Educational and Cultural Exchange between Japan and Scotland: Meiji Japan and Glasgow’, Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education and Human Development, Nagoya University, vol.56, no.2

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  • R8/5/7/5 Matriculation Slips
  • SEN110/29 University Calendars 1826-1998


Bunji Mano
Born November 1861.
Died 17 October 1946.
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