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Tatsu Okubo with Watts family in Glasgow
Tatsu Okubo with Watts family in Glasgow

Okubo was the son of Viscount Ichio Okubo, a Japanese Senator in Tokyo. After the death of his father, the peerage of Viscount was indirectly inherited by Okubo due to the death of his older brother in 1891.

After graduating from the Naval Engineering College, Okubo came to the University of Glasgow and studied Naval Architecture for three years from 1895 to 98. During his stay in Glasgow, Okubo also worked at Lobnitz Marine Holdings located at Renfrew on the River Clyde.

In 1899, Okubo returned to Japan and was appointed Lieutenant of the Naval Engineering Department. Okubo progressed throughout his career, from a lecturer and examiner of the Naval Academy, to the Colonel of Yokosuka Naval Arsenal, and later Rear Admiral of the Naval Engineering Department in 1919. In 1922, he was promoted to Vice-Admiral.

Okubo served as a Member of the Japanese House of Lords from 1925. He died of pneumonia aged 69.


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  • R8/5/16/7 Matriculation slips
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  • the memo on the back side of photo of him taken with Bunji Mano


Tatsu Okubo
Born 22 April 1871.
Died 11 February 1941.
GU Degree: Science and Engineering, 1895-98;
University Link: Student
Occupation categories: military; naval architects; politicians
English snippet: Naval Architecture student at the University, prominent Naval Architect in Japan
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