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Tomochika Iwane graduated BSc from the University in 1904. He was born in Nagano Prefecture, the son of Samurai class. In his matriculation slip, he states his father’s occupation as a merchant, which according to the Japanese Feudal system of that period placed was the lowest rank, despite his family belonging to the highest rank of the Samurai class; an indication of adapting to the changing times in Japan.

In 1895, Iwane graduated from the Tokyo Higher Technical School, a predecessor of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and was appointed associate professor of Osaka Technical School. He came to the University of Glasgow in 1901 to study Mechanical Engineering, where he took classes in Physics, Chemistry and Engineering, obtaining a first class certificate in the physical laboratory class of Professor Andrew Gray. During his stay at Glasgow, Iwane also took evening classes at Anderson’s College (modern day Strathclyde University), graduating BSc in 1905.

Upon his return to Japan, Iwane was appointed Professor of Osaka Higher Technical School, a predecessor of Department of Technology, at Osaka University. In 1925, he was promoted to the second grade of Imperial Appointee, and addressed as Excellency. He resigned from his job at Osaka Higher Technical School in order to serve in the Japanese Imperial Army as a second lieutenant, but was later re-appointed lecturer at the Technical School.


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Tomochika Iwane
Born 30 December 1876.
GU Degree: BSc, 1905; Science and Engineering,
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Occupation categories: educators; engineers; government officers
English snippet: Engineering graduate of the University of Glasgow
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