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Morris Kantrovitch matriculation slip 1898-99
Morris Kantrovitch matriculation slip 1898-99

Morris Kantrovitch, later changed to Kentridge, first enrolled at the University in 1898.

Kantrovitch was born in 1881 at Vilnius, Lithuania, then part of the Russian Empire, son of Wolfe, a Jewish minister. During Kantrovitch's studies at Glasgow in the years 1898-1899, 1901-1902, his home address changed to Vryheid, Transvaal Colony, South Africa, where war led to its incorporation to the British Empire.

In his first year, aged 17, Kantrovitch took classes in Chemistry, Zoology and Anatomy. He returned in 1901 to study Scots Law under Professor Alexander Moody Stuart.

Kentridge was later registered as a solicitor in South Africa, where he became a prominent lawyer and politician. Joining the South African Labour Party, Kentridge served in Parliament from 1920-1958.

His memoirs, I Recall, were published in 1959. He is the father of Sir Sydney Kentridge.


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  • R8/5/19/5 Matriculation Slips 1898 - 1899 Men K-M
  • R8/5/22/4 Matriculation Slips 1901 - 1902 Men H-L
  • R9/1/10 Classes catalogue, session 1901-02 (p.82)
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Morris Kentridge
Born 1881.
Died 15 December 1964.
GU Degrees: Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences, 1898 - 1899; Social Sciences, 1901-1902;
University Link: Student
Occupation categories: lawyers; politicians
English snippet: Medical and Law student at the University of Glasgow
Record last updated: 23rd Jul 2013

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