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David Shallard Carment, 1909-10
David Shallard Carment, 1909-10

David Shallard Carment graduated BSc from the University in 1916.

He was born at Sydney, Australia, son of Scottish-born actuary, David Carment, who was known for being the oldest yachtsman in Australia.

Carment had wanted to become a naval architect, and as there were no naval architecture courses in Australia at that time, he went to Boston, USA to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Carment was however unable to complete the practical requirements of the course which were to be undertaken at Boston’s naval shipyard, due to his status as an alien. Consequently Carment travelled to the home country of his parents, where he enrolled at the University of Glasgow in 1907 for five years. He took classes in Engineering Drawing (1907); Natural Philosophy (Physics), Mathematics, Naval Architecture (1908); Intermediate Mathematics, Naval Architecture and Drawing (1909); Engineering, Engineering Laboratory, Higher Physics, Intermediate Mathematics (1910); and in his final year, Engineering IV, Higher Physics, Senior Naval Architecture and Drawing. He gained a Certificate of Proficiency in Engineering Science and graduated BSc in April 1916.

At the outbreak of the First World War, Carment was placed in the Reserve Army due to his occupation, and he gained practical work with his future father-in-law’s company, Mackie and Thomson, as well as with John Brown and Company. Carment married Ida Marion Arbuckle Mackie in Glasgow in 1916, and returned with her to Australia, where he embarked upon a successful career as a naval architect with the Australian Commonwealth Shipping Board’s Cockatoo Dockyard on Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour. He also taught at the Sydney Technical College, and played a role in the establishment of the degree course in naval architecture at the New South Wales University of Technology (the University of New South Wales), where a naval architecture prize is named after him. One of Carment's students, Alan Payne, went on to design Australia’s first America’s Cup challenger, Gretel.

Carment gained membership, and later Fellowship, of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, and the Institute of Marine Engineers, and would later play a role in establishing the Australian Branch of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects.

He also took up his father's keen interest and expertise in yachts, and followed in his footsteps by becoming rear commodore and vice commodore of the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, a member of the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron and the Sydney Amateur Sailing Club. He was also a foundation member of the Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club.


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David Shallard Carment
Born 9 September 1884.
Died 3 June 1976.
GU Degree: BSc, 1916; Science and Engineering,
University Link: Alumnus, Graduate
Occupation categories: engineers, naval
English snippet: Engineering graduate of the University of Glasgow in 1916
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