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Biography of William Philip Edward Caunter

William Philip Edward Caunter enrolled at the University in 1885. Over a period of seven years, Caunter took Arts classes in Latin, Logic, Greek (senior), English Literature, Moral Philosophy, Mathematics, and Natural Philosophy.

Caunter was born in Penang, East Indies, modern day Malaysia, around 1864. He was the son of John Caunter, a lawyer who was deceased when Caunter first matriculated at the University in 1885. Caunter lived at 256 Great Western Road during the course of his studies.


Archival Materials

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William Philip Edward Caunter
Born 1864.
GU Degree: Arts, 1885-1893;
University Link: Student
English snippet: Arts student at the University of Glasgow in 1885-1893
Record last updated: 11th Nov 2013

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Malaysia Malaysia, Penang
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Scotland Scotland, Glasgow

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  • Student