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Ke-Ming Cheng graduated BSc in Civil Engineering from the University in 1922. He was born in Hankou, modern day Wuhan, Hubei province, China, son of Cheng Yu-Zin, a merchant and grocer.

Cheng enrolled at the University in 1915, where he studied Engineering over a period of six years, also attending classes at the Royal Technical College (now Strathclyde University). Among his classes, he attended Civil Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanics and Motive Power (locomotive engineering).

Cheng returned to China, where he worked as an engineer.


Archival Materials

  • R3/2/2 Roll of graduates 1918-1927
  • R4/5/7 Schedules of Graduates in Science (Bsc) 1922
  • R8/5/36/1 Matriculation Slips 1915-1916 Men A - C


Ke-Ming Cheng
Born 24 October 1891.
GU Degree: BSc, 1922; Science and Engineering,
University Link: Graduate
Occupation categories: engineers, civil
English snippet: Engineering graduate of the University in 1922
Record last updated: 11th Nov 2013

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