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Robertson Gladstone
Robertson Gladstone

Robertson Gladstone was an alumnus of the University, a merchant and politician.

He was born in Liverpool, son of Sir John Gladstone, a prominent merchant. His brother was William Ewart Gladstone, Rector of the University from 1877 until 1880, and four-time British Prime Minister.

Gladstone began his education at Eton, and in September 1821, was sent to attend the University of Glasgow, where he took classes of the course of two years in Mathematics, Moral and Natural Philosophy (metaphysics and physics) in preparation for his future career as a merchant.

After completing his studies, Gladstone took up a position at his father’s office in Liverpool, and in 1828, then aged 23, he was sent to Demerara to carry out inspection of his father’s estates. Gladstone stayed in Demerara from 22 November 1828 to 3 March 1829, during which he found mismanagement of the estates.

In 1834, Gladstone again returned to the West Indies, this time visiting the family estates in Jamaica and Demerara.

In 1842 Gladstone became Mayor of Liverpool. After his father’s death in 1851, he inherited Gladstone and Company.

He died on 23 of September 1875 at Court Hey.


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  • The Gladstones: A Family Bibliography 1764-1851 by S.G. Checkland

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  • Addison, The Matriculation Albums of the University of Glasgow from 1728 to 1858 (Glasgow, 1913)


Robertson Gladstone
Born 15 November 1805.
Died 23 September 1875.
GU Degree: Arts, 1821-1823;
University Link: Student
Occupation categories: merchants; politicians
English snippet: Merchant and politician
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