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Brian Thursby-Pelham
Brian Thursby-Pelham

Brian Thursby-Pelham matriculated at the University in 1912 to study Medicine.

He was born in Pietermarizburgh, South Africa, on 5 February 1895, son of army officer, Francis John Thursby-Pelham. With his elder brother, Charles, he attended Bromsgrove School, Worcester, where participation in the Officer Cadet Corps was compulsory.

Thursby-Pelham, again together with his brother, matriculated at the University of Glasgow in 1912 to study Medicine, and both signed up to the Zoology and Chemistry classes. He continued his medical studies in 1913, enrolling again in Chemistry and Chemistry Laboratory.

His medical studies were interrupted by the outbreak of WWI when he enlisted, again with his brother, joining the 8th Battalion of the Kings Own Scottish Borderers. Before being sent to the frontline, Thursby-Pelham was trained at the Parkhouse military base on the Isle of Wight.

He saw action at the Battle of Loos, and six months later, returned to France, where he fought and was badly wounded at the Somme in 1916. Only two days in, on 3 July, Thursby-Pelham sustained severe injuries during an attack on the Hohenzollern Redoubt. Consequently, on 17 September, Caxton Hall Medical Board deemed him unfit to serve and he was formally invalided from service.

Thursby-Pelham died at Westminster, London in 1958.


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Archival Materials

  • R8/5/33/6 Matriculation Slip 1912-1913 Men M-Q
  • R8/5/34/6 Matriculation Slip 1913-14 Men M-Q


  • Nicholas Lovell, Headmaster and Military Historian


Brian Thursby-Pelham
Born 5 February 1895.
Died 1958.
GU Degree: Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences, 1912-1913;
University Link: Student
Occupation categories: military
English snippet: Medical student at the University of Glasgow 1912-13
Record last updated: 31st Jul 2014

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