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William Anderson Soga graduated MD CM from the University in 1883 and MD in 1894 with the thesis The ethnology of the Bomvanas of Bomvanaland, an aboriginal tribe of South East Africa: with observations upon the climate and diseases of the country, and the methods of treatment in use among the people. He became the first person of colour to practise as a medical missionary in Transkei.

He was born at Peelton, South Africa, then part of British Kaffraria, son of minister Tiyo Soga.

While in Glasgow, Soga attended the United Presbyterian Church Divinity Hall, where he was ordained as a missionary in 1885. Returning to South Africa, Soga established the Miller Mission in Bomvanaland near Elliotdale in 1888, where he served as a medical missionary. He died in 1916, and his brother, the Reverend John Henderson Soga, took over the mission station.


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William Anderson Soga
Born 5 January 1858.
Died 15 July 1916.
GU Degrees: MB CM, 1883; MD, 1894;
University Link: Alumnus, Graduate
Occupation categories: missionaries; physicians
English snippet: Medical graduate of the University of Glasgow in 1883 and 1894, the first person of colour to practise as a medical missionary in Transkei
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