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John Jackson Coats
John Jackson Coats

John Jackson Coats graduated MA from the University in 1871.

He was born in 1850 to John Coats, a Glasgow doctor. After attending Glasgow Academy he matriculated at the University in 1865; his matriculation number for that year suggests his older brother James accompanied him to the Registrar’s office to walk him through the matriculation process. His younger brother, Walter William, was also a student at the University but only matriculated after John had graduated.

John Jackson Coats excelled academically in almost all his subjects, winning prizes in Logic and Rhetoric; Moral Philosophy; Humanity; and Natural Philosophy. During his undergraduate studies he was lived at 121 Bath Street, Glasgow.

After graduating MA in 1871 he returned to the University for 1872-73 to study Law. Again, Coats excelled, winning numerous prizes and coming top of his Conveyancing class in 1873. He also won two University prizes: the 1872 Coulter Prize (¬£5) for the best essay on ‚ÄúThe Basis and Limits of the Right of Property‚ÄĚ, and the 1873 Euing Gold Medal for the best essay on ‚ÄúMunicipalities ‚Ä" their influence in Modern History‚ÄĚ. The original copies of both these essays are held at the University of Glasgow Archives.

John Jackson Coats joined the law firm of A.J. & A. Graham, becoming a partner in 1875 and rising to become a senior partner of the firm. All four of his sons (James Walter, John Graham, Walter John Jackson, and Douglas Hamilton), also attended the University of Glasgow.


Archival Materials

  • DC199/288: ‚ÄúThe Basis and Limits of the Right of Property‚ÄĚ, Coulter Prize essay


John Jackson Coats
Born 1850.
Died 1932.
GU Degree: MA, 1871;
University Link: Graduate
Occupation categories: writers, legal
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